Art Market and a little café

Urban Spree and Aromas Cafè

The Berlin Graphic Days for this year are over. As always, I am exhausted but very happy that some of my favorites have new owners. Among other things, my oldest sratchboard, the “Victoria Park” and my latest work, is the “Wet Sparrow” of it. And many many prints.

Since yesterday (March 6, 2018), some of these pictures (more precisely eight) hang in Aromas Café in Marienburger Straße in Prenzlauer Berg. A very cozy little restaurant near the Boesner.

Pictures to america

2018 Exhibition  – Middletown Ohio

I just got the assurance that two of my pictures have a long way to go. I have the honor to send them to the 7th Annual International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) exhibition, which takes place in far-off Ohio, Middletown. Juhu and Hurray!

art in the window

Art in the window – The Reichsstraße becomes a gallery

My pictures in the Ristorante

Anyone who wants to dine in Berlin / Westend in November AND at the same time wants to take a look at my pictures will have the opportunity in the Ristorante “Il Cardinale” in which six of my works are displayed. The whole thing is part of the action “Art in the window” and is organized by the association “Family and Friends”.


This was the Art..Essenz 2017

It was great. As much buying, interested customers as never before. Many new acquaintances, very many good colleagues. Thanks to the super good organization of the people of Artefact. And I hope – next year again!


Kunstfest Pankow is over

The Kunstfest Pankow 2017 is over and it was great! Very friendly audience, also the urgent art had to buy, super organization, large stands with plenty of space to present, nice colleagues and also the weather played this time. Very happy next year again!

New appointment

Berlin art market near Zeughaus 25 and 26 March

And if you do not know what to do next weekend, come to the Berlin art market at Zeughaus. I am there on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00.


New appointment

New appointment

Kunstmarkt Berlin

If you have not made it to the Graphic Days – I will be at the Berlin Art Market (Zeughaus in Mitte) next weekend (18th and 19th February). Hope the weather is so with as in this photo and am looking forward to seeing you.

Vernissage im Cafe 157

Vernissage in the cafe 157

Wonderful world

And in 17 days it is again time, my pictures may hang out in the public. This time the pictures from all over the world and this time in the Cafe 157 in the Prenzlauer Berg.

Location: Cafe 157, John Schehrstraße 24, Berlin
Time: 10 December, 5 pm
The pictures will then hang until 15 January 2017

You are all welcome!


This was the Neonchocolate Festival

23 and July 24, 2016


The Neonchocolate Festival at Postbahnhof is also back story. It was hot, fun, well organized and I met good colleagues again. Lots of music, street food and a wonderful place.

The culture market Münze

The culture market Münze

Hatter, jewelry seller and I


The culture market “Münze” – the first of its kind – is over. A very interesting place, unfortunately somewhat isolated from the flow of tourists. For a repeat I’m definitely going to have.

New Market Events

New Market Events

“Alte Münze” and “Urban Spree”

On June 19, I sell on the “Kulturmarkt Münze” More Information Here


And on July 1 and 2 I’m back at the “Berlin Graphic Days”


New appointment

New appointment

14. Open Air Gallery


On June 5, I sell again my pictures on the Oberbaumbrücke. Here more.

Vernissage “Ansichten” in Kunststückhaus Uehlfeld

My pictures in Franconia

Vernissage “Ansichten” in Kunststückhaus Uehlfeld1602Uehlfeld

Here the first impression of the opening to my exhibition “Views” in the Frankish KunstückHaus Uehlfelds. Thanks to the very industrious and enterprising Lars Herrmann it was a small and very fine thing. 31 pictures hang up just before Easter. The KunststückHaus Uehlfeld present pictures to its opening times (Saturday and Sunday 14:00 to 18:00).

Berlin Graphic Days #7


These were the “Berlin Days Graphic 07” and I’m done and enthusiastic. I arrived two days hardly to think, because my status was almost permanently closely besieged and people bought like mad. Sooooo Always in future … Wow!


Vernissage in Franconia

Vernissage in Franconia

Coming soon:

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New appointment – Berlin Graphic Days

New appointment – Berlin Graphic Days

Again in Friedrichshain – My Pictures and myself on the Berlin Days Graphic. And many other interesting artists.