January 2020

Of sparrows, wet streets and Bavarian cathedrals

There were five pictures at the beginning of this year. The picture of Freising Cathedral is already exclusive for the joint exhibition in the Bavarian city in June. 

Knaackstraße – after rain, Scratchboard, 24×30 cm, 9 January 2020, for sale HERE

Freisinger Cathedral, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, 17 January 2020

Breakwater III, Scratchboard, 24×30 cm, 24 Januar 2020, for sale HERE

Schönhauser Allee an the cinema, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 28 Januar 2020, for sale HERE

In the boughs, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 30 Januar 2020, for sale HERE


December 2019

One last time in colourful

The last picture of the year is still an experiment in blue and orange: “Blaue Stunde an der Brücke” is a scratchboard in ampersand, coloured with blue and orange ink.

Blaue Stunde an der Brücke, Scratchboard, 40×30 cm, 13 December 2019, for sale HERE

November 2019

Starlings, Hamburg, a villa and it’s Christmas time.

In November I was busy with the successful show “AlsterArt” in Hamburg and the preparation of the Christmas business. However, I still had time for three pictures and the design of a Christmas card.

Villa Daheim Wustrow, Schabkarton, 30×40 cm, 1 November 2019, , for sale HERE

Reeperbahn in autumn, Scratchboard, 30×24 cm, 6 November 2019, for sale HERE

Starlings in Ahrenshoop, Ink on Clayboard scratched, 30×30 cm, 19 November 2019, for sale HERE

Christmas Card, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 25 November 2019, for sale HERE

October 2019

Happy Hour Kehrwiederspitze

October was a very productive month. Five pictures, two of them especially for AlsterArt in Hamburg. A reminder of the beautiful Berlin summer: “Summer in the Bergmannstraße”, a harbinger of the dark season: “Happy Hour Helmholtzplatz” and a study in water and reflections “Autumn Swamp 2”.

Elbphilharmonie, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 3 October 2019, for sale HERE

Happy Hour Helmholtzplatz, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 8 October 2019, for sale HERE

Kehrwiederspitze Hamburg Harbour, Scratchboard, 50×70 cm, 17 October 2019, for sale HERE

Autumn Swamp II, Scratchboard, 40×30 cm, 23 October 2019, for sale HERE

Summer in the Bergmannstraße, Scratchboard, 29 October 2019, for sale HERE


September 2019

From waterfalls to storage cities

In September 2019 I was mainly on holiday in Iceland – therefore there is also a picture of the majestic Dettifoss. And since I am exhibiting and selling at the Alsterart in Hamburg in November, there is also a picture of Hamburg.

Dettifoss, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 11 September 2019, for sale HERE

Stargarder Straße, Scratchboard, 20×50 cm, 17 September 2019, for sale HERE

An evening in Groß Schwansee, Scratchboard, 14×20 cm, 18 September 2019, for sale HERE

Hamburg Speicherstadt, Scratchboard, 24×30 cm, 30 September 2019, for sale HERE

New pictures from NYC to Berlin

Café Kranzler, The Kreuzberg and a gloomy February morning in New York

Kranzlereck, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 24 Juli 2019, for sale HERE

Heroism and a  Sparrow, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 29 Juli 2019, for sale HERE

February morning in Manhattan Midtown, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, 1 August 2019, for sale HIER


Pictures from Mecklenburg

Ahrenshoop and Guestrow

The windmill in Ahrenshoop, Scratchboard, 20×20 cm, 15 Juli 2019, for sale HERE

Güstrow – Evening at the canal, Spray and ink on Clayboard, 16 Juli 2019, for sale HERE

This week – a tree again

The Fat Marie reloaded

Die Dicke Marie, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 12 July 2019, for sale HERE

In the national park and in the backyard

Darss National Park, scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 1 July 2019, for sale HERE

Künstlerhof Ahrenshoop, scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 3 July 2019, for sale HERE

Berlin on summer evenings

Kant- and Gneiststraße

Gneistraße, 30×40 cm, Scratchboard, 11.June 2019, for sale HERE

Kantstraße summer evenings, Scratchboard, 13 June 2019, for sale HERE

Two landscapes

Experiments with colour and format

Last May, 40×40 cm, ink and spray on clayboard, June 3, 2019, for sale HERE

Buhnen II, 40×20 cm, mezzotint box, 4. June 2019, for sale HERE

MC Escher in Vienna and Berlin Mitte at night

Karlskirche and Sophienstraße

Karlskirche in Vienna, scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 15 April 2019, for sale HERE

Sophienstraße, scratchboard, 20×20 cm, 27 April 2019, for sale HERE

Shadow plays

Kap Arkona and Prenzlauer Berg

Arkona, Scratchboard, 20×20 cm, 28. März 2019, for sale HERE

Greifenhagener Straße, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, 2. April 2019, for sale HERE

New pictures in march

Vienna, the ocean and a parasitic tree

Cloud dance, scratchboard, 18×24 cm, for sale HERE

Tree on tree, ink on clayboard, 18×24 cm, for sale HERE

Vienna in March, scratchboard, 40×50 cm, for sale HERE

Alaska, a frozen leaf and an old house

Three new pictures across the world

Kennicot, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm

Kopenhagener 3, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm , zu kaufen HIER

Frozen Meaple Leaf, Scratchboard, 30×30 cm, sold

Something news

Four glasses and a bridge

Greifenhagener Brücke, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, for sale HERE

Four glasses, Scratchboard, 40×30 cm, for sale HERE


Granada, Fuerteventura und Sevilla

Three new pictures from my holiday in Spain

Granada, Scratchboard, 08.02.2019, for sale HERE

The Crow of Fuerteventura, 11.02.2019, for sale HERE

Plaza de Espana Sevilla, 14.02.2019, for sale HERE

Moonlight and snow

Sycamore trees and the Red City Hall

The yield of this week and the first pictures of this year are both scratchboard on Ampersand Scratchboard in the format 50×40 cm:

Red City Hall in the snow, Scratchboard, 22 January 2019

Sycamore trees in moonlight, scratchboard, 25 January 2019

Light on the streets

Vernissage in “Zimmer 16”

The vernissage was a complete success! “Zimmer 16” was packed and the atmosphere was great. Also a few drawings and many books were sold. Until 9 March the paintings can still be seen in “Zimmer 16” and can be purchased, always during opening hours. Many thanks to the many participants, first of all my dear wife, the wonderful Anne Franke, who is a painter herself, for the organizer and the great Merit Zloch for the music. 

The exhibition is open to the public until 9 March, always starting 30 minutes before the start of the evening events in “Zimmer 16”.

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My parents

To my new category “Portraits” here my parents. Both as scratchboard on Ampersand

My mother, Scratchboard, 12.11.2018, 40x50cm

My father, Scratchboard, 15.11.2018, 40x50cm