Month: May 2020

May 2020

Potsdam and calendar

This month, private matters predominated. Therefore I only created one picture, but that was a real chunk, with a new technique, the stipling (you could say dotting). 

Furthermore, my calendars for 2021 are now on sale. 

For sale

For sale

Markets and exhibitions are all cancelled, the next event is probably the Christmas market in Sophienstraße. 

April 2020

Calendar pictures, Spain, Saxony and trips to Brandenburg

The lockdown continued in April as well – albeit with some easing. We made many trips to the Brandenburg area and I found a lot of motives there. My wall calendar was still missing a page and the title, I did that too.

The children’s book got two pages again.

And here are my graphics from April.

Brandenburg Gate in Winter, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 2 April 2020, for sale HERE

Spree 2021, Scratchboard, 40×40 cm, 7 April 2020,  for sale HERE

Briesetal, Scratchboard, 40×30 cm, 15 April 2020, for sale HERE

The streets of Granada, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, 20 April 2020, for sale HERE

Bastei 02, Scratchboard, 18×24 cm, 21 April 2020, for sale HERE

Tegeler See, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 30 April 2020, for sale HERE