Month: March 2020

March 2020

Berlin big and small and something big is coming back

March was a really strange month. Since the beginning I am almost exclusively at home and in quarantine with my wife. As a result, I was even more productive than usual. 

I start to finish my children’s book “Da kommt was Großes aus dem Meer! (Something big is coming out of the sea!)”. In March the pages 14 to 17.

And also six graphics. Once again Buhnen, since Buhnen III is sold. Also the Gendarmenmarkt had to be drawn again – and was sold within a few hours. 

Breakwater IV, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 2 March 2020, for sale HERE

Gendarmenmarkt in Summer, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 6 March 2020, SOLD

Hinter dem Zeughaus, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 17 March 2020, for sale

Kollwitzstraße, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 18 March 2020, for sale HERE

St Patrick´s Cathedral NYC, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 25 March 2020, for sale HERE

Amazon on Horseback, Ink on Clayboard, 40×40 cm, 30 March 2020, for sale HERE


Graphic Days cancellation


Now it’s hit me too. Last evening, the 15th Graphic Days Berlin was cancelled. Was to be expected – but it’s a pity. And of course it hurts too. If you still want to buy from me, here is my link to the online shop.