Month: December 2019

December 2019

One last time in colourful

The last picture of the year is still an experiment in blue and orange: “Blaue Stunde an der Brücke” is a scratchboard in ampersand, coloured with blue and orange ink.

Blaue Stunde an der Brücke, Scratchboard, 40×30 cm, 13 December 2019, for sale HERE

November 2019

Starlings, Hamburg, a villa and it’s Christmas time.

In November I was busy with the successful show “AlsterArt” in Hamburg and the preparation of the Christmas business. However, I still had time for three pictures and the design of a Christmas card.

Villa Daheim Wustrow, Schabkarton, 30×40 cm, 1 November 2019, , for sale HERE

Reeperbahn in autumn, Scratchboard, 30×24 cm, 6 November 2019, for sale HERE

Starlings in Ahrenshoop, Ink on Clayboard scratched, 30×30 cm, 19 November 2019, for sale HERE

Christmas Card, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 25 November 2019, for sale HERE