Vita1968 Born in the beautiful little country Mecklenburg

1987 Abitur in Güstrow

1989 – 1996 Teacher training (art education, history and mathematics) in Erfurt and Berlin

1996 – 2015 Grant private music lessons

1995 – 2011 Musicians and entertainers in various bands (Claassen & Consorten, Trespann, Dreyerley)

2000 – 2011 Complete artwork for various artists

since 2012 establishment as a graphic designer; Working among others
♦ Text and illustration of children’s books “Da kommt was Großes aus dem Meer”
♦ work on the graphic novel “Schnapsratten”
♦ artwork for bands and clubs

seit 2013
Work on cycle Berlin Noir

♦Collective exhibition „Wohnheim 7 – ein Intermezzo nach 25 Jahren“ on “Kunstraum Speicher” in Erfurt
Illustration for the book of poems „Berlin persönlich“ of Petra Vieweg

♦Exhibition “Berlin – Schwarz – Weiß”
 on “Zimmer 16” in Berlin/Pankow
♦Text und Illustration of the book“Berlin – Schwarz – Weiß. Ein Stadtbummel in 24 Bildern”
♦Participation in the 13. OpenAirGalery on the Oberbaumbrücke and the 6. Berlin Graphic Days on UrbanSpree – both in Berlin