Erfurt, Baerbel and a chestnut tree

For the last month I worked only in Thuringia for family reasons. So it is not surprising that several pictures have Thuringia as their theme. The swans in a pond in the Thuringian Forest and two pictures of the state capital Erfurt.

Kopenhagener Straße, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 03 June 2020, for sale HERE

Baerbel, Scratchboard, 18×24 cm, 08 June 2020, in private hands

Erfurt Marktstraße, Sratchboard, 18×24 cm, 11 June 2020, for sale HERE

Zu den kleinen Füchsen (To the little foxes) – Erfurt, 30×40 cm, 1 June 2020, for sale HERE

Schwäne in Pörlitz, Schabkarton, 13×18 cm, 18.06.2020, zu kaufen HIER