23-29 June Group exhibition in Freising Bavaria with Lars Herrmann, Jürgen Lechner and others
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekend of Advent Christmas Market Sophienstraße

July 2020

Vienna, Erfurt, Heiligendamm and at home

Brandenburg Gate, Scratchboard, 18×24 cm, 03 July 2020, SOLD


Krämerbrücke II, Scratchboard, 30×24 cm, 09 July 2020, for sale HERE


Vienna – Karlsplatz, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 20 July 2020, for sale HERE 

Winsstraße, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 20 July 2020, for sale HERE

My parents in law, Scratchboard, 30×30 cm, 28 July 2020, SOLD

Alexandrinen Cottage – Heiligendamm, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 30. July 2020, for sale HERE

June 2020

Erfurt, Baerbel and a chestnut tree

For the last month I worked only in Thuringia for family reasons. So it is not surprising that several pictures have Thuringia as their theme. The swans in a pond in the Thuringian Forest and two pictures of the state capital Erfurt.

Kopenhagener Straße, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 03 June 2020, for sale HERE

Baerbel, Scratchboard, 18×24 cm, 08 June 2020, in private hands

Erfurt Marktstraße, Sratchboard, 18×24 cm, 11 June 2020, for sale HERE

Zu den kleinen Füchsen (To the little foxes) – Erfurt, 30×40 cm, 1 June 2020, for sale HERE

Schwäne in Pörlitz, Schabkarton, 13×18 cm, 18.06.2020, zu kaufen HIER 


May 2020

Potsdam and calendar

This month, private matters predominated. Therefore I only created one picture, but that was a real chunk, with a new technique, the stipling (you could say dotting). 

Furthermore, my calendars for 2021 are now on sale. 

For sale

For sale

Markets and exhibitions are all cancelled, the next event is probably the Christmas market in Sophienstraße. 

April 2020

Calendar pictures, Spain, Saxony and trips to Brandenburg

The lockdown continued in April as well – albeit with some easing. We made many trips to the Brandenburg area and I found a lot of motives there. My wall calendar was still missing a page and the title, I did that too.

The children’s book got two pages again.

And here are my graphics from April.

Brandenburg Gate in Winter, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 2 April 2020, for sale HERE

Spree 2021, Scratchboard, 40×40 cm, 7 April 2020,  for sale HERE

Briesetal, Scratchboard, 40×30 cm, 15 April 2020, for sale HERE

The streets of Granada, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, 20 April 2020, for sale HERE

Bastei 02, Scratchboard, 18×24 cm, 21 April 2020, for sale HERE

Tegeler See, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 30 April 2020, for sale HERE


March 2020

Berlin big and small and something big is coming back

March was a really strange month. Since the beginning I am almost exclusively at home and in quarantine with my wife. As a result, I was even more productive than usual. 

I start to finish my children’s book “Da kommt was Großes aus dem Meer! (Something big is coming out of the sea!)”. In March the pages 14 to 17.

And also six graphics. Once again Buhnen, since Buhnen III is sold. Also the Gendarmenmarkt had to be drawn again – and was sold within a few hours. 

Breakwater IV, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 2 March 2020, for sale HERE

Gendarmenmarkt in Summer, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 6 March 2020, SOLD

Hinter dem Zeughaus, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 17 March 2020, for sale

Kollwitzstraße, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 18 March 2020, for sale HERE

St Patrick´s Cathedral NYC, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 25 March 2020, for sale HERE

Amazon on Horseback, Ink on Clayboard, 40×40 cm, 30 March 2020, for sale HERE


Graphic Days cancellation


Now it’s hit me too. Last evening, the 15th Graphic Days Berlin was cancelled. Was to be expected – but it’s a pity. And of course it hurts too. If you still want to buy from me, here is my link to the online shop.

February 2020

From subway stations and forests

Here is the yield of February. First one from the Berlin area, near Schönfließ in the north I discovered this creek. Further to a very familiar place, to the high bunker in the Humboldthain in Wedding and finally a colourful picture from the Thuringian Forest.

Wintersun, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 4 February 2020, for sale HERE

Subway station Eberswalder Straße in the sunshine, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, 20 February 2020, for sale HERE

Humboldthain on the hill, Scratchboard, 24×30 cm, 25 February 2020, for sale HERE

Am Schortetal im Thüringer Wald, Ink on Clayboard, 40×40 cm, 27 February 2020, for sale HERE

January 2020

Of sparrows, wet streets and Bavarian cathedrals

There were five pictures at the beginning of this year. The picture of Freising Cathedral is already exclusive for the joint exhibition in the Bavarian city in June. 

Knaackstraße – after rain, Scratchboard, 24×30 cm, 9 January 2020, for sale HERE

Freisinger Cathedral, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, 17 January 2020

Breakwater III, Scratchboard, 24×30 cm, 24 Januar 2020, for sale HERE

Schönhauser Allee an the cinema, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 28 Januar 2020, for sale HERE

In the boughs, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 30 Januar 2020, for sale HERE


Licht auf den Straßen – Light on the streets

My new book

At last, my art book “Light on the Streets.” Here is the introductory text:

In “Light on the Streets” you will find 112 pictures created in the last seven years. Since 2013 I have been working on the graphic capture of cityscapes and the charm of this subject has become stronger and stronger for me. The light, which draws patterns on the streets of Berlin and many other places around the world, is the main theme of my work, as it creates its own mixture of familiarity and astonishment. The reflections and shadows give the rooms an idiosyncratic structure and give the hectic big city something almost antiquated, giving the pictures a magic of their own. I invite you to search for this magic on the following pages and wish you as much pleasure with this book as I had when designing my cityscapes.

For sale HERE for 30,00 €

New in shop

New in the shop – five prints

New now available in the shop: Five prints in a limited edition of 50 pieces in the formats A3, 30×40 cm, 30×30 cm and 20×40 cm. 


December 2019

One last time in colourful

The last picture of the year is still an experiment in blue and orange: “Blaue Stunde an der Brücke” is a scratchboard in ampersand, coloured with blue and orange ink.

Blaue Stunde an der Brücke, Scratchboard, 40×30 cm, 13 December 2019, for sale HERE

November 2019

Starlings, Hamburg, a villa and it’s Christmas time.

In November I was busy with the successful show “AlsterArt” in Hamburg and the preparation of the Christmas business. However, I still had time for three pictures and the design of a Christmas card.

Villa Daheim Wustrow, Schabkarton, 30×40 cm, 1 November 2019, , for sale HERE

Reeperbahn in autumn, Scratchboard, 30×24 cm, 6 November 2019, for sale HERE

Starlings in Ahrenshoop, Ink on Clayboard scratched, 30×30 cm, 19 November 2019, for sale HERE

Christmas Card, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 25 November 2019, for sale HERE

AlsterArt 2019

AlsterArt 2019

The AlsterArt 2019 is over and I am back in my native Berlin. This was my first art show in another city and a complete success. Many nice new and well-known colleagues, many good conversations and as a bonus some sold pictures and good income. Well organized in the beautiful Poppenbüttel – it was really fun. Gladly again!

October 2019

Happy Hour Kehrwiederspitze

October was a very productive month. Five pictures, two of them especially for AlsterArt in Hamburg. A reminder of the beautiful Berlin summer: “Summer in the Bergmannstraße”, a harbinger of the dark season: “Happy Hour Helmholtzplatz” and a study in water and reflections “Autumn Swamp 2”.

Elbphilharmonie, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 3 October 2019, for sale HERE

Happy Hour Helmholtzplatz, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 8 October 2019, for sale HERE

Kehrwiederspitze Hamburg Harbour, Scratchboard, 50×70 cm, 17 October 2019, for sale HERE

Autumn Swamp II, Scratchboard, 40×30 cm, 23 October 2019, for sale HERE

Summer in the Bergmannstraße, Scratchboard, 29 October 2019, for sale HERE


September 2019

From waterfalls to storage cities

In September 2019 I was mainly on holiday in Iceland – therefore there is also a picture of the majestic Dettifoss. And since I am exhibiting and selling at the Alsterart in Hamburg in November, there is also a picture of Hamburg.

Dettifoss, Scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 11 September 2019, for sale HERE

Stargarder Straße, Scratchboard, 20×50 cm, 17 September 2019, for sale HERE

An evening in Groß Schwansee, Scratchboard, 14×20 cm, 18 September 2019, for sale HERE

Hamburg Speicherstadt, Scratchboard, 24×30 cm, 30 September 2019, for sale HERE

New pictures from NYC to Berlin

Café Kranzler, The Kreuzberg and a gloomy February morning in New York

Kranzlereck, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 24 Juli 2019, for sale HERE

Heroism and a  Sparrow, Scratchboard, 24×18 cm, 29 Juli 2019, for sale HERE

February morning in Manhattan Midtown, Scratchboard, 50×40 cm, 1 August 2019, for sale HIER


Pictures from Mecklenburg

Ahrenshoop and Guestrow

The windmill in Ahrenshoop, Scratchboard, 20×20 cm, 15 Juli 2019, for sale HERE

Güstrow – Evening at the canal, Spray and ink on Clayboard, 16 Juli 2019, for sale HERE

This week – a tree again

The Fat Marie reloaded

Die Dicke Marie, Scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 12 July 2019, for sale HERE

In the national park and in the backyard

Darss National Park, scratchboard, 30×40 cm, 1 July 2019, for sale HERE

Künstlerhof Ahrenshoop, scratchboard, 40×50 cm, 3 July 2019, for sale HERE

Berlin on summer evenings

Kant- and Gneiststraße

Gneistraße, 30×40 cm, Scratchboard, 11.June 2019, for sale HERE

Kantstraße summer evenings, Scratchboard, 13 June 2019, for sale HERE